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Welcome to Gundam Mad

New Payment Provider!

General news posted by The Gundam Mad Team

Hello Gundam Fans, this is a quick update to let you all know that we will be trailing Take Payments as our provider for online payments. We have hope to use the next couple of weeks as a trial run to see if they are a more suitable provider. We had a long run with Worldpay with very few issues so if the trial period is unsuccessful or problematic we may revert back to their service. If anyone has any issues with the new switch over please let us know as we want to make sure everything works as well as possible.

Many Thanks to everyone for their continued support and we hope to share some exciting news with you all regarding the site very soon!

The website as always offers a £5 Flat Rate Delivery for all UK Deliveries and our services have recently been upgraded to provide more tracking information along the way! We should start having more shipment due every month so keep checking back on the Gundam Mad Facebook for regular updates, competitions, events and more! We wish you all Happy Building and hope that you all get to enjoy the Gunpla Goodness!

New Arrivals

DSPIAE AT-TZ07 Anti Static Angled Tweezers
Our price: £5.99
DSPIAE AT-TZ06 Anti Static Blunt Tweezers
Our price: £5.99
DSPIAE AT-TZ05 Angled Tweezers
Our price: £5.99
DSPIAE AT-TZ04 90 Degree Angled Tweezers
Our price: £5.99
DSPIAE AT-TZ03 Straight Tweezers
Our price: £5.99
DSPIAE AT-TZ02 Blunt Tipped Tweezers
Our price: £5.99
DSPIAE AT-TZ01 Point Tipped Tweezers
Our price: £5.99
1/43 Patlabor Set of 2 Special Type 98 Command Vehicles
Our price: £37.99
1/72 HG Amaim Ghost
Our price: £24.99
Figure-rise Standard Kamen Rider Double Lunatrigger
Our price: £34.99
Ultraman (Armor of Legends) Taiga Liu Bei Armour
Our price: £9.99
1/144 RG Sazabi (Special Coating Ver.)
Our price: £189.99
30MS SIS-A00 Luluce (Colour C)
Our price: £21.99
30MS Optional Body Parts Type A01 (Colour B)
Our price: £9.99
Legend BB Full Armour Knight Gundam
Our price: £13.99
HG Alteisen
Our price: £35.99
Figure-Rise Standard Metal Garurumon
Our price: £21.99
1/72 HG Bunyip Boomerang
Our price: £21.99
Entry Grade Izuku Midoriya
Our price: £18.99
1/144 HGUC RX-104FF Penelope
Our price: £67.99
1/144 HGAC Leo
Our price: £12.99
1/144 HGUC Revive RX-178 Gundam Mk II AEUG
Our price: £15.99
1/144 HGUC Revive RX-178 Gundam Mk II Titans
Our price: £15.99
1/144 HGUC Revive RX-78-2
Our price: £12.99
1/144 RG Zeta Gundam
Our price: £30.99
1/100 MG Gundam AGE-2 Normal
Our price: £41.99
1/144 HG Gundam AGE-3 Normal
Our price: £17.99

On sale

13% OFF 1/144 HGBD:R Re:Rising Gundam
Our price: £79.99 £69.99
10% OFF 1/144 RG High Mobility Type Zaku II (Team Monstre) (Box Damage)
Our price: £64.99 £58.49
10% OFF 1/24 Hexa Gear Booster Pack 005 (Dark Green) (Box Damaged)
Our price: £54.99 £49.49
10% OFF 1/24 Hexa Gear Booster Pack 005 (Desert Yellow) (Damaged Box)
Our price: £54.99 £49.49
6% OFF Evangelion 02 TV Ver. (Slight Box Damage)
Our price: £89.99 £84.99
9% OFF Gattai Robot Atlanger (Box Damaged)
Our price: £109.99 £99.99
15% OFF LBX Orvane & RS (Riding Sousa II)
Our price: £38.99 £32.99
15% OFF LBX Perseus & RS (Riding Sousa II)
Our price: £38.99 £32.99
15% OFF LBX Riding Armour
Our price: £38.99 £32.99
15% OFF LBX Val Sparos & RS (Riding Sousa II)
Our price: £38.99 £32.99
10% OFF SD Stargazer Gundam (297) (Box Damaged)
Our price: £9.99 £8.99

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